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OCTOBER 26, 2013

Witch Like Me 3 is an annual Texas Music event that I am in the 3rd year of organizing and putting on.
This year I have decided that this event will go to benefit a woman in music that I have known since I was a teenager singing at the Garland Opry, Miss LIZ ARNOLD. Please take a few minutes to read about her below:

In the early morning hours of December 17, 2011 Liz was the victim of a horrific assault. She was found unconscious and in full cardiac arrest with an electrical cord tied around her neck. Thanks to the quick response of the Allen Fire Department, the paramedic team was able to revive her after several attempts. Sadly, our Liz has suffered a devastating brain injury. She will be undergoing a series of neuro stem cell transplants. Though this procedure is experimental, this transplant has improved many lives and in some cases accomplished full restoration. Those of us that know Lizzy, know her as a real fighter and a very determined person. Although the medical community gave her little hope of survival at first, she did survive the assault, leaving her in a coma. The medical community did not believe that she would ever wake from the coma but she did. They said she would never become conscious; a quote from the attending physician at that time, " She has zero chance of any meaningful recovery". That physician has since been replaced. Lizzy is now in a semi-conscious state, getting better and doing physical therapy everyday. As she progresses, she keeps beating the expectations of the medical community.Her eyes are open, she does respond to people and stimulus around her, she cries when she is upset and she smiles when she is happy or sees something she likes.
 Every donation of $15.00 will receive a copy of her CD, "Til I get There". It is a two CD set. Please helpour Lizzy recover and donate today. She has a long road to recovery ahead of her. So far, her medical bills, though paid through insurance and her family, have exceeded $1.5 Million Dollars. Unfortunately, the treatments she needs are an out of pocket expense. We are raising $100,000.00 to cover them. All donations are greatly appreciated. 

We know with your help she will succeed! 
Thank you for all of the prayers and support you have given Liz and her family through this difficult time.

Liz and I shared many Saturday nights at the Garland Opry as we were growing up and learning our craft of music at the same time. It broke my heart into a million pieces to hear of Liz's assault and injury, and I want to do everything I can to help her family to provide the treatments that she needs to continue improving her state of health.
Just like her family, I dream to hear her sing with that beautiful voice again someday! 
With that being said, I am SO excited to announce the WLM3 will be held on

We will be hosting a lineup of 6 total bands and acoustic acts and I will be updating my site and facebook page for WLM3 as those confirmations come in!